Short Report on Kollol Barua Rinku, President of World Buddhist Association

In the year 1996 one young man came to Dharmarajika Buddhist temple with his mother. They have no places to stay because no one in Dhaka knows them. Moreover this young boy was suffering from Kidney Diseases, his both Kidneys were damaged. So they came here for peoples help and good treatment. The Abbot of Dharmarajika Ven. Suddhananda Mahathero had given them permission to stay at Dharmarajika Hospital Building. In Dharmarajika their living and Food is free but they need money for the Kidney treatment. So they are going to different Buddhist houses for donation. All solvent Barua families have donated money for him and he had good treatment at Dhaka. By the grace of triple gem, he became the cure.

He started doing work at Dhaka for a shipping logistic company owned by Japanese Buddhist Called Atlas Logistic, after some days this Japanese person went back to Japan and gave him the business rights because he is also Buddhist. Slowly this young man has started to do progress in Business. He is no one but Kollol Barua Rinku.  

Now Kollol Barua Rinku has a lot of money and he wants to be seen and known by many people of society, so he started to come to Dharmarajika and donate money to Ven. Suddhananda Mahathero to be a part of Bangladesh Buddha Kristi Prachar Sangha. Mahathero made him one of the Adviser of BBKPS.  He offered a handsome amount to Mahathero for a Key post at BBKPS. But Mahathero said you have just started your career so I cannot give you key post now, please stay with us and work with us for some years, very soon you will be given a major post.

Mr. Kollol Barua Rinku did not want to wait but wanted to be famous within a night. He met some Nigerian (African) frauds and prepared some fake membership certificate of United Nations, Red Cross, Some Peace Organization etc. He also had some certificates those organizations and posts in fact do not exist in reality. As because Kollol Barua Rinku is not well educated so he is easily fooled by smart frauds.

Later Kollol Barua Rinku joined one international organization that did meeting in Kobe and also one Christian organization joined with Notre Dame College. He started his own organization World Buddhist Association and invited few of his relatives to be member and offered them few major posts. They used to have meetings in good hotels and post all those pictures to social media like face book etc.

Mr. Kollol Barua Rinku used to do Sanghadana for his departed family members and used those pictures in facebook as their organizational activities. He also took some pictures while donating warm cloths and foods to poor and distress, after taking pictures he takes the rest of the goods to different places for taking new pictures.  

Because of his arrogant behavior no one stayed with him for more than 2 months. Those who left his organization he targeted them and did many harm. He even called to their office and charged falls allegation, he poisoned against them in their office and to their relatives.

Mr. Kollol Barua Rinku has applied for a land to make his own temple where there will be many projects. He gave application to JAICA and Thai Royal family for the financial help. Now they have purchased one land in Dhaka with the help of Jaica and some Thai families will donate to make his temple. Recently they have gone to Chittagong and opened one Chittagong Branch of World Buddhist Association.

*******My short report was made with the request of Mr. Idanant Thaiarry and the total report was made by taking interviews from former members of the World Buddhist Association.  I wrote exactly what I heard from them. Yesterday I talked with 5 members who were in Key post of this organization for 3 to 4 months. I did not find any single person saying good about him. One monk said in Vietnam he touched badly to a nun while trying to take pictures with her in Vesak Day. Later this Nun reported against him. He even does not know how to talk with monk and where to sit in front of monk. Thus it is completely your decision and your judgment about how to deal with this organization.

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