In her presidential address, Princess Poon Pismai Diskul was to mention that, since 2493/1950 the WFB had grown from 30 regional centres in 33 countries in all parts of the world to 61 regional centres in 34 countries. She also mentioned that the WFB should set up and sponsor the inauguration of an International Buddhist Youth Organization t the WFB Tenth conference. This became a reality at the closing of the Tenth WFB meeting the parent organization held an inauguration ceremony of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) with Mr. Nemsiri Mutukumara of Sri Lanka as its founder president.

Accordingly the first ever world body of Buddhist youth came in to being in the precincts of the Colombo Young Men’s Buddhist Association in Borella on May 26, 1972.

The Colombo YMBA hall witnessed equally or more significant event within a period of 25 years in the twenties century of the Common Era. This same hall became the venue for the creation of the World Fellowship of Buddhist in June 1950, after the world body had its inauguration at the sacred precincts of the Sri Dalada Maligawa in Mahanuwara, Kandy, when the first and last time elected a Sri Lankan Buddhist leader Professor Gunapala Malalasekera as the founder president of the World Fellowship of Buddhists.

For many years, even before the birth of the WFB in 1950, Japan had been toying with the idea of forming an International Buddhist Youth Movement but the idea got fizzled out within a few months. The need for Buddhist youth organization became a subject of the WFB at several general conference but never came to the surface primarily. Finally the general conference held in Kualalumpur in Malaysia, a committee was appointed to look in to the feasibility of setting up a separate body for Buddhist youth in the world. The Committee recommended to the WFB executive council that a preparitary conference of Buddhist youth leaders should be organized and held in Bangkok by the WFB headquarters in Thailand.

As the organizing and hosting body, the WFB invited all WFB regional centers to send Buddhist youth leaders to attend at the preparitary conference. In response the solution adopted at the WFB ninth general conference, as proposed by the newly created standing committeeon youth, the WFB headquarters convened the First Buddhist youth be established at the end of the Tenth general conference of the WFB

When World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth came in to being at the end of the Tenth WFB session from then onward the WFBY functioned as a separate entity. But holding its biennial conferences together with WFB’s general conference. WFBY constitution included the following as its purposes.

To promote and strengthen among the younger generations. Observances and practices of the teaching of the Buddha. To inculcate piety towards the Triple the Triple Gem. Parents and elders. To secure unity, solidarity and brotherhood among Buddhist youth. To organize and carry on activities in the field of Social, Economic, Educational, Recreational and other Humanitarian Services. To work for securing peace and harmony among youth and to corporate with the WFB to collaborate with other organizations working for the same ends.