W.F.B.Y was created with the purpose to:

  1. Promote and strengthen understanding and practice of the teaching of the Lord Buddha among youth and increase respect and piety towards the Triple Gem, Parents, and Elders and to each other.
  2. Promote unity, solidarity and networking among young Buddhists around the world.
  3. Organize and carry out activities in the social, economic, educational, recreational, cultural and religious fields together with humanitarian concerns.
  4. Promote peace and harmony among the young people and cooperate with W.F.B. and other organizations which have the same goals in mind.



W – World

WFBY is the international networks of Buddhist organizations around the world sharing the same aims of propagation and promote understanding of Buddhism to youth. Today, WFBY membership has expanded to 38 regional Centers in 18 countries.

F- Fellowship

This is a keyword of peace and harmony. WFBY promotes good coordination, communication, cooperation to strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood (Kalayanamitras) amongst the regional Centers. WFBY is currently implementing regional Blocking Management to promote closer link of Buddhist Youths from neighbor countries within same region, such as the east Asian Block made up of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, etc; the south Asian Block comprising of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc; the south east Asian Block by Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc. This regional Blocking concept is focus on Asian development by the year 2008, reaching to Europe and oceania by 2010, and then to the Americas by 2012.

B – Buddhist

Teaching of lord Buddha have been widely accepted amongst the scientific, business and medical community, if we exclude what the religious communities says, the discovery of the four noble truths can be proven and is practicable by every single individual to develop peace of the mind. This teaching or the dhamma, has been translated and applied into various languages and culture around the world. Somehow, geographical and culture difference among Buddhist worldwide have transformed “Indian” Buddhism into three major traditions, namely the Mahayana, Theravada, and Vajrayana abbreviated in WFBY as “Bud-dhist MTV”. By promoting unity within such diversity and sharing of wisdom and practices in promoting the transformation of personal “inner peace” to social “world peace” is the aim of WFBY.


Our youths are the future of the world and WFBY composes of both the “real Youth” and “people who work for Youth”. The “youth” is defined from the ages between 15 and 25 years old while we limit the age of “people who work for youth” at around 50 years old. With this age definition, we are able to designed programs and activities for each segment.